Adopt A Scientist Program

Anyone can adopt a SETI Institute scientist and become part of the adventure!

Each of our scientists offers a compelling journey of discovery. When you adopt a scientist, you help lead the way towards answering profound questions regarding our place in the universe.

The SETI Institute’s Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe and Center for SETI Research are home to more than 90 scientists. Their work covers a broad spectrum of research dedicated to understanding the origins of life and the extent to which life may be present beyond Earth. Traditionally, each scientist, or principal investigator (PI), has had many partners who sponsor his/her work including NASA, the National Science Foundation, and major universities. However, current trends in government funding are making it increasingly difficult for astrobiologists to depend on those sources of support.

In an effort to ensure that this vital research continues to prosper, our Adopt a Scientist Program invites you to make a direct contribution to the field. By participating in this program, you will help provide a home, laboratory space, supplies and equipment, as well as valuable research time in the field.

You can form a one-on-one relationship and participate in the process of ground-breaking science with any number of our Institute’s PIs. You may choose to support a scientist investigating Martian analogs in California’s del Puerto Canyon or select a PI planning to take the Mineral Identification Composition Analyzer instrument into the desert to simulate a Mars landing. Yes, you may even choose one of our scientists working directly on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Whichever scientist you choose, you’ll be part of the adventure!

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For more information on the Adopt a Scientist program or to adopt a scientist, call us toll FREE at 1-866-616-3617 and ask for Karen Randall

Image Credit ( from upper left clockwise ): Dale Andersen, Seth Shostak, Nathalie Cabrol, Donnie Reid.