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Presentations Date
Astrobiology: A quick intro? Jul 2002
Remote Detection of Biosignatures Feb 2003
Hydrothermal Systems and Mars Jul 2003
Mapping an Ancient Hydrothermal System Nov 2003
Search for life on Mars Jan 2004
Mapping Hydrothermal Systems on Mars Feb 2004
Evidence for Early Hydrothermal Activity on Earth Feb 2004
Hypserspectral mapping of an Archaean Komatiite Unit ... Applications for CRISM Mission (LPSC) Mar 2004
Remote mapping of Earth’s Earliest Biosphere ... finding niches for past life on Mars (AbSciCon) Mar 2004
Hyperspectral Mapping of Earth’s Earliest Hydrothermal Activity, Western Australia (JPL AVIRIS) Mar 2004
Remote ... detection of hydrothermal systems (AMEC) Jul 2004
Search for life on Mars Sep 2004
Hyperspectral Mapping ... and implications for Mars Oct 2004
Hyperspectral Mapping of an Ancient Hydrothermal System Nov 2004
Hyperspectral Sensing ... WA and Mars (NASA Ames) Apr 2004
Remote Mapping of Hydrothermal Site ... Western Australia and Mars (Mars Society Canada, Odyssium Edmonton) Apr 2004