Adrian Brown
BE Hons (Elec) MSc (Comp Sci)

Adrian Brown is currently studying for his Doctor of Philosophy at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, within the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at Macquarie University. He is an alumnus of the Australian Defence Force Academy and the University of New England.

Adrian hails from Melbourne, and recently served with the Royal Australian Navy, finding employment as a Weapons Engineer and Fire Control Officer on Her Majesty's Australian Ships CANBERRA and ARUNTA, in addition to numerous shore postings around Australia.

Following completion of his Navy service, Adrian worked in various Software Engineering roles, including Enterprise-wide software applications in the banking, retail and superannuation industries.

Adrian commenced work on his PhD in 2003. The topic of his thesis is "Hyperspectral mapping of an ancient hydrothermal system" and involves using remotely acquired reflectance hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy to survey fossilised hydrothermal zones in rugged northern Western Australia.

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Click here for a map of the Macquarie Campus. The Australian Centre for Astrobiology is in the south east corner of Building E8C, in the middle right portion of the image.

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