This is a list of recent publications related to this project. Where possible I have linked to the original file on the web.

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Citation Date
Brown, A. J., Walter, M.R. and Cudahy, T. (2005) Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscopy of a Mars Analog Environment at the North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Science, forthcoming. PDF Jan 05
Brown, A. J. (2005) Spectral Curve Fitting for Automatic Hyperspectral data analysis. IEEE Transactions in Geoscience and Remote Sensing, forthcoming. PDF Mar 05
Brown, A. J. (2005) Hydrothermal Mars "Through the CRISM": Which Hydroxyl band and why. 36th LPS Conference, Houston, TX, 14-18 Mar 2005 PDF Mar 05
Brown, A. J., Walter, M. and Cudahy, T. (2005) How to find Martian Hydrothermal Systems. Astrobiology NAI 2005 Conference Abstracts 5(2) p305 PDF Apr 05

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