Dr. Charles Chackerian

December 21, 2006

“Quantitative laboratory Infrared Spectroscopy of Constituents of Planetary Atmospheres”


It is proposed to obtain quantitative laboratory spectroscopic measurements of molecular constituents which are of importance in evaluating the "health" of the Earth's atmosphere.We will emphasize species which are vital in determining the composition of the Earth’s stratosphere, understanding stratospheric kinetics, long term monitoring of the stratosphere, and determining the effects of human activities on atmospheric composition. Laboratory measurements and theoretical calculations will provide vibrational-band and individual rovibrational-line spectroscopic parameters to quantify those species which are observed, establish limits of detectability for new spectral regions and provide basic spectroscopic information for global warming calculations. The spectroscopic line parameters of interest include collisionally-induced broadening and shifts and mixing coefficients as well as integrated line intensities. Further, the above information must be parameterized, with the appropriate collision partners, over the temperature range appropriate for the stratosphere. In particular, the following will be done: 1. Update the CO infrared line intensities in the HITRAN and HITEMP spectroscopic databases and, 2. Determine the high-resolution absolute line intensities for the nitric acid infrared bands centered at 1720 cm-1 and 880 cm-1.