Edna DeVore

December 18, 2006

“National Field Test and Dissemination Support for Voyages Though Time, A High School Integrated Science Curriculum on the Theme of Evolution”


NASA Astrobiology Institute, the Astrobiology Integration Office, and Fundamental Biology Research at NASA Ames Research Center sponsor this project in order to support the national field test, final revision and dissemination (via educational conferences and sample materials) of Voyages through Time (VTT), a standards-based, high school integrated science curriculum on the theme of evolution. NASA Ames Research Center has been a major partner in this project since its inception, providing in-kind support by selected scientists acting as content experts. The science encompassed by NAI, AIO and FBR is at the core of VTT. This Agreement exists to assure completion of the project and final revision prior to publication. NAI, AIO and FBR would be acknowledged as partners in the published versions, and would have products for free distribution at education meetings, via the web, and via the NAI network of research partners. Supporting VTT offers NAI, AIO and FBR tremendous financial and educational leverage. VTT is a year-long curriculum, rather than a supplementary product. It will be a core course in many US high schools supported by both by the education department at the SETI Institute as well as by VTT's commercial science education publisher.