Edna DeVore

December 18, 2006

“SETI Institute's Kepler Education and Public Outreach Project”


The SETI Institute, in cooperation with Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) at the University of California Berkeley, conducts the Kepler Discovery Mission Education and Public Outreach (EPO) program beginning in October 1, 2002 and continuing throughout the mission development and operational lifetime. The EPO program is anticipated to be completed on September 30, 2012. The Lawrence Hall of Science work for Kepler EPO is led by Kepler Mission Co-Investigator (Co-I), Alan Gould, and the SETI Institute work for Kepler EPO is led by Co-I Edna DeVore. Both Gould and DeVore work closely with Kepler Principal Investigator (PI), Bill Borucki, and Kepler Deputy Principal Investigator (DPI), Dr. David Koch of NASA Ames Research Center, as well as participating scientists, and industrial contractors on the Kepler Mission.