Meet Our Principal Investigators

February 16, 2007

Dr. Dale T. Andersen

"Exobiological Investigations of Perennial Springs in the Canadian High Arctic" (NAG5-12395)

Dr. Dana Backman

The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: Placing Our Solar System in Context

Dr. Emma Bakes

"A Prebiotic Photochemical Study of Early Earth" (NNG05GQ68A)

Dr. Peter Backus

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Amos Banin

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Max Bernstein

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Janice Bishop

"Mars Compositional Analysis" (NCC 2-1100)

"Martian Surface Composition and its Practical Applications to Astrobiology" (NNA05CS53A)

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Jennifer Blank

”Serpentinization in the Coast Range Ophiolites of California: Mechanisms for Biosignature Preservation in Chemosynthetic Systems” (NNA06CB35A)

Dr. Devon Burr

"Pingos on Earth and Mars"

"Aeolian Sediment Movement Under Titan Conditions: Wind Tunnel Experiments and Modeling"

"Raised Curvilinear Features (RCFs) in the western Medusae Fossae Formation (MFF): mapping, characterization, and modeling"

Dr. Nathalie A. Cabrol

 "From Habitability to Life"  (NNA05CS77A)

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

"Science on the Fly: Enabling Science Autonomy During Robotic Traverse with Application to the Study of Life in the Atacama Desert of Chile"

"Survey and Exploration of Enviornments Favorable to Water and Life on Mars and Their Terrestrial Analogs"  (NCC 2-1328)

Dr. Douglas Caldwell

"A Search for Extrasolar Planets from the South Pole" (NSF OPP 0126313)

Dr. Patrick Cassen 

"Thermal and Dynamical Evolution of the Primitive Solar Nebula" (NCC2-1250)

Dr. Charles Chackerian, Jr. 

"Quantitative laboratory Infrared Spectroscopy of Constituents of Planetary Atmospheres" (NNA04CI33A)

Dr. Steven B. Charnley

"Chemical Models of Nebular Processes" (NNG04GI59A)

"Theoretical Astrochemistry: Interstellar Clouds, Protostellar Disks, Comets & Meteorites" (NCC 2-1412)

Dr. Bin Chen

"Ultra-Sensitive in Situ Raman Detection of Biological Organics" (NNA04CL06A)

Dr. Jean Chiar

"The Evolution of Astrophysical Ices: The Carbon Dioxide Diagnostic"  (JPL1266411)

"Solid State Chemistry in Dense Clouds Along Quiescent Lines of Sight"  (JPL1267778)

"Unlocking the Mysteries of Interstellar Dust Composition and Icy Mantle Formation with Sensitive Infrared Spectroscopy"  (NNA05CS35A)

Dr. Christopher Chyba

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Angela Cotera

"Imaging Polarimetry of Young Stellar Objects with ACS and NICMOS: A Study in Dust Grain Evolution" (HST–GO–10178.6–A)

"Solar Systems in Formation: A NICMOS Coronagraphic Survey of Protoplanetary and Debris Disks" (HST–GO–10177.8–A)

Dr. Cristina Dalle Ore

 "Outer Solar System Bodies"  (NNA05CS63A)

"Planetary Surfaces and Atmospheres: a Reprise" (NCC 2-1339)

Dr. Brad Dalton

"Modeling the Climates of Mars" (NCC 2-1385)

"Remote Materials Characterization: Implications for Planetary Habitability" (NCC 2-1393)

Edna K. DeVore

"National Field Test and Dissemination Support for Voyages Though Time, A High School Integrated Science Curriculum on the Theme of Evolution" (NAG2-6051)

"SETI Institute's Kepler Education and Public Outreach Project" (NAG2-6066)

Dr. Joshua Emery

"Greeks Bearing Gifts: Determination of the Surface Composition of Trojan Asteriods from NIR Spectroscopy and Spectral Modeling" (NNG05GG80G)

"Investigation of Suitable Targets for Space Missions to Near-Earth Objects"  (JPL1276028)

"IRS Spectroscopy of M-Class Asteriods and 375 Ursula" (JPL1276503)

"Outer Solar System Bodies" (NNA05CS63A)

"Surface Composition of KBOs, Centaurs, and Low Albedo Asteriods"  (JPL1276917)

Dr. Paul Estrada

"Formation and Evolution of Giant Planet Satellite Systems" (NNA05CS95A)

Dr. Richard Freedman

"Molecular Spectroscopy, Modeling of Brown Dwarfs and Extra Solar Giant Planets"  (NNA05CS86A)

"Research in Molecular Spectroscopy and the Atomic and Molecular Opacity of Brown Dwarfs and Extra Solar Giant Planets" (NCC 2-1357)

Dr. Friedemann Freund

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Paul Gazis

"Advanced Data Mining Techniques for the Analysis of Large Space Science and Astrophysical Data Sets" (NNA05CP71A)

Dr. Edmond Grin

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Virginia C. Gulick

"Mars Exploration and Education Outreach" (NCC 2-1415)

Dr. Jon M. Jenkins

"Science and Technology Support for NASA Discovery Program's Kepler Mission" (NNA04CC63A)

Dr. Peter Jenniskens


"Airborne and Ground-Based Studies of Meteor and Sample-Return-Capsule Entry Radiation" (NNA04CK65A)

"SOFIA Upper Deck Science Opportunities Workshop" (NNG04GM30G)

Dr. Hiromi Kagawa 

"Biochemical Adaptations that Set the Physical and Chemical Limits for Life" (NCC 2-1338)

Dr. Bishun Khare

"Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes, a form of Carbon in the Interstellar Medium, and Optical Properties of Tholin Produced in a Methane-rich Early Earth Atmosphere" (NCC 2-1358)

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Pascal Lee 


"Astrobiology-Focused Planetary Science and Exploration Investigation in Terrestrial Analog Environments" (NCC 2-1416)

Dr. Rocco Mancinelli


"Astrobiology, Planetary Protection and Life beyond the Planet of Origin" (NNA04CC93A)

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Franck Marchis Size, Shape, and Multiplicity in the Jupiter-Trojan population

Dr. John Marshall

Application of Electrostatic Theory to Volcanic Eruptions and Protoplanetary Nebulae

Desert Exploration With the MICA Instrument (funded by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

Dipoles in Natural Particulates - Space Shuttle Experiments [mentor] (funded by the Chicago Education District)

Electrostatics and Other Phenomena Related to Dust Devils on Mars (funded by Goddard Space Flight Center)

Electrostatics - International Space Station

Kinetics Abrasion Model for Clasts in Fluids, Melanges, Tills, Serpentinite Intrusions, Colluviclastic Flows, Volcaniclastic Flows, and Impact Debris Curtains

Mars Analog Research and Technology Experiment (MARTE)

Mineral Identification and Composition Analyzer - MICA

Phoenix Mission - MECA

Dr. Andrew Mattioda

"Interstellar N-Heterocycles, Large Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and PAH Clusters as Potential Biomarkers and Cosmic Biogenic Feedstock" (NNA04CC41A)

"Molecules in Meteorites and Ice: Pre-Biotic Compounds and Pseudo-Biomarkers" (NCC 2-1414)

Dr. Ignacio Mosqueira

"Formation and Dynamics of Planetary Ring/Moon Systems" (NCC 2-1398)

Dr. Alan Penny

"The Next Generation Search for Earth-Like Worlds" (NNG05GA41G)

Dr. Cynthia Phillips

"Dark Slope Streaks on Mars: Formation, Changes and Fading" (NNG05G061A)

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Richard C. Quinn

"Chemical and Astrobiological Investigations of Mars and Europa Analogs" (NCC 2-1408)

Dr. Margaret Race

"Analysis and Communication of Planetary Protection Issues for Solar System Missions" (NNA04CC91G)

Dr. Kathy Rages

"Active Atmospheres on Uranus and Neptune"  (HST-GO-10534.01-A)

"Radiative Transfer Modeling of Planetary Atmospheric Structure" (NCC 2-1337)

“Radiative Transfer Modeling of Planetary Atmospheric Structure”  (NNA05CS79A)

Dr. Lynn Rothschild

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Todd Sauke 

"Isotopic and Molecular Analysis for Astrobiology" (NCC2-1137)

Dr. Karl Schweighofer

"Bioinformatics Facility for NASA" (NNA05CV44A)

Dr. Seth Shostak

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Mark Showalter

"Planetary Rings: Observation and Interpretation" (NNG06GL48G)

"A Proposal to Relocate the Planetary Data System Rings Node to the SETI Institute" (NNG05GI18G)

"Rings of Uranus: Dynamics, Properties and Shepherding Moons" (HST-GO-10102.03)

Dr. Janet Simpson

"The Interaction of Stars with the Interstellar medium: Infrared Studies with SOFIA" (NCC 2-1367)

"Interaction of Stars with the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies"  (NNA05CS33A)

Dr. Richard Stauduhar

"Detection of Complex, Electromagnetic Markers of Technology"  (NNG05GM93G)

Dr. David P. Summers 

"Development of Techniques for, and the Analysis of, Biogeochemical Sample" (NNA04CK54A)

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Brad Sutter

"Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Atacama Desert Soils: A Possible Mars Soil Analog" (NNA05CS54A)

Dr. Jill Tarter

"Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence" (NNA04CC05A)

Dr. Pasquale Temi

"Evaporating Grains in Reflection Nebulae" (JPL1276019)

"The Origin and the Evolution of Dust in the Hot Interstellar Gas of Elliptical Galaxies"  (JPL1276023)

"PAHs in the Diffuse ISM" (JPL1276015)

"Study of the ISM in our own Galaxy and the Dust Emission in Early-type Galaxies" (NCC 2-1417)

Dr. Arthur Weber

"Prebiotic Synthesis of Autocatalytic Products from Formaldehyde-Derived Sugars as the Carbon and Energy Source" (NNA05CP68A)

Dr. Robert Whitten

"Electrification of the Clouds of Planets" (NNA04CC64A)