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ATA Observation News Release.

Hat Creek, Calif. – Oct. 11, 2007 – Today, the University of California, Berkeley and the SETI Institute announced that the first 42 radio dishes of the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) are activated and collecting scientific data from the far reaches of the universe. This is the first phase of a planned 350 radio dishes that will advance the capabilities of radio astronomy research. Paul G. Allen, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist whose foundation donated seed money that started the project in 2001, joined representatives of UC Berkeley and the SETI Institute to launch the array. read the press release.


Make a Virtual Visit to the Allen Telescope Array

Once a day at 8:45am Pacific Time, a set of panorama images is taken using the Lab1 cam. The panorama page shows thumbnails of these images, which can be clicked to get the full-sized version.

Every 10 minutes, a snapshot from each of the Lab1 & Main cams is taken wherever the cams happen to be pointing at the time.  The web pages showing these images are set to automatically refresh at 10 minute intervals as well.