Our SETI Projects

Allen Telescope Array Allen Telescope Array
The Allen Telescope Array will consist of approximately 350 6.1-meter offset Gregorian dishes arrayed at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory site. Given the number of antennas and large size of the primary beam (approximately 4 degrees at 21 cm wavelength), this array will have an unprecedented amount of flexibility in observing.
Arecibo Project Phoenix
Project Phoenix was the world's most sensitive and comprehensive search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It was an effort to detect extraterrestrial civilizations by listening for radio signals that were either being deliberately beamed our way, or were inadvertently transmitted from another planet.
Optical SETI Optical SETI
California astronomers are broadening the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) with a new experiment to look for powerful light pulses beamed our way from other star systems.
Interstellar Messages Interstellar Message Composition

The SETI Institute's program in interstellar message composition addresses some of the most critical questions humankind will face if we detect extraterrestrial intelligence: Should we reply? If we do, what should we say? How can we create messages that would be understood on other worlds?