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Project Phoenix FAQ
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Project Phoenix General Overview
Project Phoenix was the world's most sensitive and comprehensive search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It was an effort to detect extraterrestrial civilizations by listening for radio signals that were either being deliberately beamed our way, or were inadvertently transmitted from another planet.


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Project Phoenix Observing Campaigns
Project Phoenix observed in three major campaigns using some of the largest radio telescopes in the world. Read about those campaigns as told by the reports of astronomers and engineers at the observatories.


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Selecting the Target Stars
Which stars to observe? David Latham and Todd Henry describe how they made the first target list.


	  phoenix image Pioneer 10 Test Signal
The Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched in 1972. After sending back the first close-up pictures of Jupiter and Saturn, it has continued traveling through and beyond our Solar System. Now at a distance of more than 6 billion miles (10,000 million kilometers), and broadcasting with a power of a few watts (a small flashlight), it provides an excellent test for the Phoenix System.