Ways to Support the SETI Institute

Adopt A Scientist

Adopt A Scientist

You can form a one-on-one relationship and participate in the process of ground-breaking science with any number of our Institute’s PIs. You may choose to support a scientist investigating Martian analogs in California’s del Puerto Canyon or select a PI planning to take the Mineral Identification Composition Analyzer instrument into the desert to simulate a Mars landing. Yes, you may even choose one of our scientists working directly on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Whichever scientist you choose, you’ll be part of the adventure! Learn more about the Adopt A Scientist program.

Join TeamSETI

Join TeamSETI

TeamSETI is the membership program for supporters of the SETI Institute. Membership entitles you to a subscription to our quarterly science magazine, Explorer, along with other benefits depending on the membership level you choose. Learn more about membership or Join TeamSETI now to start participating in the greatest search in history

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Make a Donation

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Your gift will allow us to expand all our programs, including the extraordinary possibility for discovering intelligent life in the universe! Your contribution will help put humanity in greater touch with the cosmos.

Planned Giving

Learn about other ways to support the Institute:

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